Recruit People. Faster. Smarter

Waste no more time in searching for the perfect candidate with Jobook
We match the right people for the right job


Headhunt successors and groom them to take over the reins in the years to come. Scout for the right candidates to grow your organisation to the next level.


Put up your job vacancies and within seconds, you can start headhunting from the recommended profiles.


Candidates’ profiles are matched to the companies’ requirements, the compatibility outcome is given in a percentage.


Courses that may help a candidate will be recommended, so that they can continuously upgrade and stay relevant.



Create a job listing with critical requirements and within seconds of posting the AI-Recruiter will recommend the best candidates for your job opening.

Candidate Tracking System

Manage candidates who have expressed interest, who have been invited by you and who are already halfway through process, on one dashboard. You are now empowered to make decision with complete transparency and information.

Instant Notifications

You will get live updates on listings. Meaning when candidate expresses interest or accepts an invitation regarding your job listing you will be immediately notified. Any action that takes place during the recruitment process is overseen by you. Never ever again feel lost.

Lifelong Training

You can even use our system to find the right training courses for your current employees. It can be either soft or hard skills, we cater for the full spectrum. Your organization will never fear of redundancies as your staff can always upgrade.

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