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What is JOBOOK?

An easy-to-use platform that helps to match employers and job-seekers based on their preferences and availabilities

Amazing Feed

Give more opportunity to market your company and available jobs to our growing audiences. We can also flag certain jobs for delivery to the right industry partners and social media sites, for increased visibility -- ensuring that your jobs are being seen by the largest numbers of high-quality candidates wherever they are.

Fully Customizeable

Importance of customization in a system cannot be underestimated. Employers need to have the flexibility to set their requirement to achieve the expected result by mapping out all of the critical elements to reduce the companies overheads and to ease HR constraints and improves efficiencies.

Clean & Simple

Less is more. The core component of design simplicity is making products intuitively easy to use.

What We Want

  • "To revoluntionize employment in the world and to be the word-of-mouth platform."
    Raniel Lee
  • "It brings the right job to the right person at the right time."
    Vignesh Manu
  • "Brings you closer to your job needs at the tip of your fingers."
    Daryl Sim

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